Elite Fitness isn't just your typical fitness program; it's a game-changing opportunity tailor-made for First Responder men who are looking to level up in all areas life. It's all about becoming a stronger, healthier, and more successful leader in every facet of your world.

This program embarks on a transformative experience, offering cutting-edge periodized hybrid fitness training to optimize muscle growth, a nutrition plan designed for peak health and performance, and empowers men with leadership skills to enhance mental resilience. Our goal is to help you create a better life for yourself, your family, and your community.

At 'Elite Fitness,' we're not just about fitness and nutrition like other programs. What sets us apart is our holistic approach. We truly believe that a healthy body is closely tied to a healthy mind and the development of personal leadership skills. Our goal is to empower you to become the absolute best version of yourself.

Elite Fitness training Program


Peak Physical Fitness:

Elite Fitness provides you with mobile access to a complete year of periodized hybrid fitness training that's not only effective but tailored to your unique goals. Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, or gain strength, our program is designed to help you achieve peak physical fitness while avoiding performance and muscle plateaus.

Leadership Mastery:

Join us for weekly Zoom sessions designed to enhance your personal leadership skills. Our program delves into crucial aspects of leadership, including understanding your identity and purpose, setting meaningful priorities, establishing goals, taking initiative and fostering accountability. 

Pro-Metabolic / Intermittent Carnivore Nutrition course:

We teach you step by step on how to nourish your body with a diet that's grounded in scientific research, focusing on animal-based foods. We prioritize organic, grass-fed meats, raw dairy, and the best fruits nature has to offer to help you boost your nutrition, energy, and overall health.

AT Elite Fitness 

we specialize in comprehensive wellness, focusing on not only periodized hybrid fitness and nutrition but also on leadership skills, promoting a balanced lifestyle, and nurturing mental resilience to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Are you ready to kickstart your transformation but feeling unsure about where to get started? Schedule a complimentary consultation with Coach Roo to explore your options and learn more.


A seasoned Fire Captain with an impressive 25-year career in the heart of high-pressure situations. For Chris, it's not just a job; it's a profound calling and a burning passion.

His mission? To empower both everyday workers and leaders with practical strategies that unlock remarkable performance and cultivate unwavering positive attitudes. With Chris, it's not about the title—it's about the genuine commitment to help individuals and teams tap into their hidden potential, allowing them to face every challenge with resilience and unwavering excellence.


What others are saying about us

"When I faced the harsh reality of failing..."


After failing a handcrew position, I realized that I was not in as good a shape as I thought I was. It was a big wake up call and I needed to change things up. I had been following the Prep and Defend podcast for some time and followed a lot of the free content on his Instagram.

Captain Ruano having a wildland background, as well as being a fitness coach; it just made sense to take the next step and get on his program.

The great feature about the program is that you not only get the workout plan, but you get weekly meetings where recieve a lot of advice and information that helps you be accountable to yourself and others. So far,

I've lost about 8 pounds, some size off my waistline, and generally walk around with more energy. This program is a great investment in yourself.

"From a relentless focus on passing the FFS test to being spent on the job"


 I just finished Initial Attack and am starting Extended Attack. Starting last August, I began practicing for the FFS test, and had one goal in mind - PASS ON THE FIRST TRY NO MATTER WHAT.
Well I did, which was awesome, but that goal took me away from a lot of other things in life that I really need to not get away from - mainly family and my personal fitness. I fell into the holiday schedule routine, and even got sick a few times as flu season hit hard.
My turning point came when we pulled up on a fire and the first in FFS was hand jacking 2 1/2 to the hydrant. I got off to help, and handled the last half of a 600 foot lay. I was SPENT! I was spent to the point I knew I needed a big change.
I started the familiar cycle of working out without a true plan. I did set one goal of riding my mountain bike 500 miles this year, which Im having a lot of fun trying to accomplish. But I cant ride often enough to solely rely on that for my fitness.
Somewhere in there, with near perfect timing, I worked with you and discovered your program. I literally checked the website in bed at the end of the day, and quickly decided “I’m doing it.” 3 months later, Initial Attack truly provided the jump that I needed. I feel way better, haven’t been sick once, and I have felt the results of the program  both at work, and when riding my bike!
I’m excited for this fire season and the next phase of training. 

"Prep and Defend brought me the guidance, accountability, and fresh challenges I needed"


journeyed on my own for a little and made some great progress. I did this by being real with myself and actually putting the changes I said I would into effect. Diet, Workouts, Consistency, New Challenges. Prep and defend was that challenge. I wanted and needed guidance, a plan, a goal I know I could meet. Accountability and mentorship from someone that I want and aspire to be like. And although I’ve never met coach in person based off what I saw I knew he possessed the qualities and attributes I myself desire to be present in all aspects of my life.

I needed a variety, a fresh start, something new into my mix. I had done a lot of research on my own and progress but I felt a plateau coming and it was time to learn new methods, techniques and ways of working out. Additionally, the workouts are relevant to the job I am chasing. Which is of major importance.

I enjoy the variety, there’s always a tool being added into the toolbox.

I feel my workouts have a purpose not just a because. It has felt good to receive some positive recognition from those around me. It has boosted my confidence a bit and even more my drive to continue to get after it and stay with this program.