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What Is Prep And Defend?

The PREP and DEFEND Show is an online show/podcast that empowers men with the tools they need from dominating fitness, leading the family, smashing goals, or rediscovering your purpose and identity.  

Our unique approach developed from Firefighter experience sets us apart, emphasizing the right leadership attitude, periodized functional training (we recognize the importance of real-life functional strength training), 
and pro-metabolic nutrition for optimal muscle growth.

We are dedicated to helping guys thrive in real life by help you unlocking your hidden physical performance and leadership potential.

core values

At the core of who we are, we hold dear the values of family, fitness, and leadership. These principles are woven into the fabric of our identity, nurtured through genuine humility, boundless passion, and a commitment to hard work. 

Vision / mission 

At P&D, our heartfelt mission is to empower families to thrive in their health, wealth, and relationships by helping them discover their innate leadership qualities. We believe that life's challenges can be met with a sense of joy, and we're firm in our belief that every person is born to be a leader.


We aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of men by equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and unwavering support they need to step into leadership roles within their own lives, families, and communities through periodized fitness training and personal leadership skills. 

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Cultivating Stronger Bodies And Stronger Minds With Periodized Fitness Training, Nutrition, And Personal Leadership!


what Clients are saying



"I had my first strike team deployment already up in Castaic and even though it was only for 14 hours, we still put in a lot of work and I felt great. I was obviously tired but overall I felt stronger and my endurance felt great. We did a lot of scratch line and mopup and it was a hot day. So thank you! Your program has definitely helped me improve physically".



"I took the plunge towards this career by listening to your podcast & following all the great Information you have provided. I have been beyond proud of myself for taking the first steps that I've wanted to for quite some time now. Thank you."




"I would personally recommend the Prep and Defend coaching & nutrition program because it's actionable, knowledgeable, & genuinely makes you feel primed for a fire service career. Within my first 6 weeks I lost 15lbs and feel great with more energy. "

P&D Story

As a Fire Captain, my role extended far beyond the fire-ground. It required me to lead and train our crews, demanding a fitness program that could shape us into resilient, well-rounded athletes capable of facing the relentless challenges of a Fire Service career and an active lifestyle.

I found myself growing beyond training routines that felt scattered and lacked a clear purpose. While versatility is crucial, I came to understand that true athletic growth required a balanced and goal-driven approach. This realization fueled my journey—a journey marked by study, rigorous training, certifications, and countless experiments. The outcome? VenturAthlete fitness programming.

My mission became crystal clear: to craft a year-round, holistic training regimen. Each phase of our program had a specific focus while ensuring we never neglected any crucial aspect of fitness. Every workout was a meticulously crafted piece of a puzzle, aimed at achieving:

Power and Efficiency
Speed and Endurance
Enhanced Work Capacity

Our training, and the athletes it molded, had to be not just effective but also practical for the demands of our challenging profession.

More Recently, My journey has taken a new path—one of coaching and mentorship. Alongside my family, we've been guiding men through our transformative P&D Elite Program. Additionally, I take pride in my role as a founding member of THE FIRE-UP PROGRAM, a resilience retreat designed for men. Here, we adopt a hands-on approach to mentorship, arming men with the tools and strategies essential for conquering the demanding challenges they face, both on and off-duty, in high-pressure and emergency environments.